We’ve all seen those HiSmile ad’s or those Sugar Bear Hair tablets that all the Kardashians seem to be using. Most likely from scrolling endlessly on Instagram.
Whilst Instagram first came out as an application for ‘artists’ to express themselves, it has now become a platform for businesses to sell products and services via their own page or using celebrities (in the social media world they are known as “influences”).

Now what is the famous Instagram?

The online application Instagram launched in 2010 and allows individuals to create a user and post pictures, videos which can be manipulated into different filters, added locations and ‘like’ other’s content. 
Instagram can be viewed on iOS, android, Windows and Mac’s. If this is all gibberish, then all I can say is download Instagram on your mobile phone and take a sneak peak.

Now why should businesses use Instagram as a platform to promote their brand? 

BECAUSE THERE’S MORE THAN 800 MILLION ACCOUNTS ACTIVE USERS (CNBC, 2017) and because not everyone gets the chance to pitch their product to Kris Jenner.
Obviously Instagram will not be suitable for every business out there so we are looking at those that will be targeting anyone from the ages of 18 years old to around 50.

Having an audience is crucial for any business so when Instagram has more than 500 million daily users it is already more likely that the business will get some sort of recognition than having an advertisement in the local newspaper. Instagram is very likely to get the business exposure, especially if you have a vision on how you will make your account different to all the other business accounts. Especially since more than six in ten (62%) use social media sites daily with 34% checking in more than five times a day (Yellow, Social Media Report, 2018). Instagram is also the second most popular platform used for advertising ; 10% of small businesses, 22% of medium businesses and 30% of large businesses (Yellow, Social Media Report, 2018).


It’s not as simple as creating an ‘organic’ and ‘original’ Instagram page as there are millions of other business accounts trying to make it. However having a structured set of goals for your business can help gain publicity and hopefully a following.


Instagram has instantly made life a little easier by making a whole different business mode so you can see statistics of how your posts are going compared to others, customer engagement and ways to make your Instagram more visible. This might literally save your business.

One of Instagram’s innovative and most recent feature is story posting. There’s always that worry of over-posting, which is why stories are perfect because follows can choose whether or not they want to take a peak. It’s a fun way to stay active and interact with your customers, such as creating polls and doing anonymous questions. If you have a higher social presence, then you are more likely to have influence on the consumer’s buying behaviour (Kaplan and Haenlein).

Instagram will be endlessly changing their features and added new ones to ensure that it’s keeping up to date with new trends. It is essential for any brand to have some sort of digital strategy; and using Instagram may be the very step to changing your business for the best altogether.

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  1. I feel like Instagram is not the key digital marketing platform and it is being taken over by platforms such as Linked In. Do you think there will be another media platform in the nearby future that will take over Instagram and Linked In? What might this app include?


    1. Yes I definitely agree with you on that one! After completing this course, I have come to realise that Instagram really is not one of the key marketing platforms and business should concurrently use a range of different strategies to connect with customers. The world is changing so rapidly so there will be definitely a new media platform that will be revolutionary, or Instagram/facebook will just keep making their app better and better. Its hard to say at this point in time what the application might include, maybe ordering food via Instagram ? haha


  2. What digital strategies do you think work best for a retail company lets say? Obviously every business is different and chooses particular strategies that go with their business.


    1. At the exact moment in time and the brands I like definitely use big social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Which I would say works for these brands. A youtube channel works as well in my opinion if you are able to incorporate videos in your business. Just like what Mecca does, they have a lot of tutorials which they post weekly on their Youtube channel. Digital strategies are very selective and obviously not everything works for certain businesses.


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