The word digital marketing has become an universally used word and is constantly being repeated in marketing. It’s becoming overly repeated and somewhat pointless and lost it’s meaning. Nothing in marketing dies, it just evolves and becomes something bigger Whilst digital marketing is losing is essential meaning, its becoming integrated into just the regular meaning […]


SEO, also known as search engine optimisation, is one of the most useful ways to help stay competitive in the market. SEM , essentially is PAID search marketing, where a business pay a search engine company such as google to show their ads in search results. Whilst SEO DOESN’T PAY search engine companies. SEO helps […]


We’ve all seen those HiSmile ad’s or those Sugar Bear Hair tablets that all the Kardashians seem to be using. Most likely from scrolling endlessly on Instagram.Whilst Instagram first came out as an application for ‘artists’ to express themselves, it has now become a platform for businesses to sell products and services via their own […]

“SHOULD I START A BLOG? ” Yes, no , maybe?..

This is my blog for the semester, an introduction to digital marketing. Throughout my page, I will be doing weekly posts regarding the online world and how businesses should be utilising resources in digital areas of the business to elevate their business. There is many benefits to blogging, and digital marketing. 1/3 OF THE WORLDS […]

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