The word digital marketing has become an universally used word and is constantly being repeated in marketing. It’s becoming overly repeated and somewhat pointless and lost it’s meaning.

Nothing in marketing dies, it just evolves and becomes something bigger

Whilst digital marketing is losing is essential meaning, its becoming integrated into just the regular meaning of marketing.

Businesses need to understand that traditional x social = good marketing. Diversity is key, and both are needing to be integrated into a brands strategy in order to stay relevant and stay competitive. As above, marketing never dies, and nothing to do with marketing will die. Television will always be present; it just evolves into something better.

The stigma of having both entities seperate needs to be seperate needs to be broken. In reality its all one…. MARKETING. Both teams need to work together. Everything is digital and everything is traditional.

All mediums offer different results but there is a lot of unrepresented platforms that should be utilised. It is a beneficial idea to go through intensive market research using both primary and secondary data to help determine which strategies should be used.

Pepsi was a company that decided to only use digital marketing, which was clearly a fail on their part. They moved all their offline marketing to digital as they thought that this would be a good and revolutionary strategic. However they could only target a portion of their consumers with this method and caused they to lose a lot of money.

Many consumers still listen to the radio, watch television and admire physical advertisements at the train station. Pepsi is one the leading soft drink companies, however, they need to understand that traditional marketing is not dead and will never be dead.

Combining methods is ultimately the best way in which businesses are getting the best reach of consumers. Even if we live in a world where technology is evidently becoming more and more prominent in our life, marketers need to understand that conjoining methods to make one will be most beneficial in the long term.

thanks for reading my last blog post for the semester!

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  1. Unfortunately so many companies are stuck with this idea that the world is going to turn completely online when really traditional marketing is so important ! Enjoyed the read.


    1. I think without the training and information we need as marketers, people are just assuming that the world is going to be taken over by online presence when it really is not. Humans do not adapt so quickly, it will take hundreds of years for us to adapt to just complete digital marketing.


  2. Can you think of any companies that have done a well job at incorporating both marketing strategies into one? I didn’t even realise Pepsi had tried to put their marketing online. Hadn’t seen one of their televisions in awhile so it makes sense now.


    1. Last year I went overseas to Japan and they really love their brick and mortar stores. Honestly they are huge and their branding is like no other country I’ve been to. I think companies like Nike have a really good balance of both marketing strategies and really know how to incorporate both. Especially in Japan, Nike had signs everywhere, where able to incorporate their online presence into their store presence, it was unbelievable.


  3. Do you think that when a business puts a lot of their marketing online, more people are likely to criticise the company and throw about negative feedback? I just find that people are able to say anything they want online these days, so maybe business should be just doing traditional media to stay away from the possibility of backlash.


    1. It’s hard to say at this point in time. I think that there will always be trolls either way that will say negative feedback. Even if you only have a little bit of marketing online. Even if the business just does traditional, word of mouth is a very strong method of consumer traffic, so as soon as one person hears something bad it can definitely spiral.


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